Update to government shutdown; agriculture and airport security

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MINOT, N.D. - We've been following a number of different government agencies that are being impacted by that shutdown. Among them, employees of the TSA.

The shutdown has left TSA without pay.

An increase in call-outs, workers who say they are too sick to work their shifts started over the holidays and has grown.

However it's hasn't become a trend here in North Dakota, not yet anyway.

"This shutdown hasn't really effected us at all so far. We don't have any wait times. We don't have any problems, TSA doesn't have any problems with the people calling in sick and it's really business at usual" said Minot Airport Director Rick Feltner.

The Department of Agriculture is another area that this shutdown is weighing heavily on.

With some functions of the U.S. Department of Agriculture suspended, the fast-moving agriculture industry has gone without some data and services it relies on.

The USDA announced Friday that it would not release several key reports including the monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.

But that's not stopping those in North Dakota from doing their jobs.

"We're going to continue to do our job, in making sure that we're performing our duties that are statutorily laid out by the North Dakota Legislature and with the agreements we have in place with the federal government," said Department of Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

We'll continue to follow this partial government shutdown and those that are being impacted so make sure to follow your news leader.