Update to CO2 shortage at Minot's water treatment plant

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 5:27 PM CDT
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Residents of the city of Minot are being asked to think twice before turning the tap for things like watering your lawn, washing your car or rinsing your driveway.

Due to a low supply of CO2 at the water treatment plant, which is used to balance pH levels, the city of Minot issued a request to limit nonessential water usage in a Facebook post on Saturday evening.

The city says it experienced a supply issue with its CO2 vendor and is working to find an additional supply.

Staff at Minot Public Works said that the untreated water is still safe to drink

“What happens when we run out of CO2 is that we stop softening the water. So people will notice the water is maybe a little bit harder they may not notice it at all. But it still meets all the federal drinking water standards it's supposed to so it's all safe to drink,” said Jason Sorenson, Assistant Public Works Director.

City leaders say they hope to have water production back to normal within the next day or two.