University of Mary surpasses fundraising goal for Vision 2030 campaign

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The University of Mary has surpassed the $100 million goal of their Vision 2030 campaign, setting a record for fundraising.

The University's Vice President of Public Affairs, Jerome Richter, announced Tuesday that in just three years the University raised over $100 million.

President Monsignor James Shea also spoke to the students, and contributors expressing sincere gratitude.

"When people look at the work the University is doing with students they believe in it and they are willing to invest in it and that makes all the difference. We're hopeful that this is something which makes everybody happy and raises the spirits and fills the hearts of lots of different people, not just people who are already friends of the University of Mary,” said Shea.

The university president shared that this is the largest capitol campaign ever achieved in the history of western North Dakota.