Universities working on solutions as audits show widespread procurement issues

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BISMARCK, N.D. - An audit of the North Dakota University System and four other audits on state institutions show widespread issues with the competitive bidding process.

State Auditor Josh Gallion says most of the problems are in the documentation, or lack thereof, for Minot State and Dickinson State universities, as well as Bismarck State College. Gallion also found issues with the procurement practices in the North Dakota University System office. The schools and NDUS are already implementing new policies and training procedures to fix any issues.

“A lot of the procurement issues that we uncovered was about documentation or trying to get competitive bids and we just saw a lot of missing documentation or a lack of evidence that the competitive process actually occurred,” said Gallion.

“It wasn't a purposeful or any purposeful actions that was taken. These were just simply oversight of some of the many rules and regulations and we look forward to improving those in the future,” said Tammy Dolan, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs for NDUS.

All five audits are attached.