UND students to receive room and board reimbursement

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. - Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many students are completing their education from home, including those in college.

But what happens to the room and board they've already paid for and can't use?

Student's at the University of North Dakota are receiving a 30% refund of their room and board should they choose to return home for the remainder of the semester.

The refund cannot be applied to those who choose to remain on campus as the residences halls and dinning services will continue to remain open for those who need to stay on campus.

UND’s Vice President of student affairs and diversity, Cara Halgren said: “What we heard from students and families loud and clear, is that they would like the opportunity to leave the residences halls and have a refund. We knew that students were interested in many cases of being home with their family and we wanted to give them an opportunity to do that."

The 30% was determined as the amount that would allow the university to give students a break for the part of the semester that they are not there as well as meet their financial obligations.

Students have the option to take the refund, apply it to outstanding balances, or put it toward next year's room and board.