UPDATE: Dr. Andrew Armacost named UND's next president

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 1:38 PM CST
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UPDATE: The University of North Dakota named its next President Tuesday.

Dr. Andrew Armacost was unanimously supported by the search committee, and given a contract offer this afternoon.

November came and went without a ballot in this state. However, we have a race to call. The University of North Dakota has named their President-Elect, and Armacost said he accepted and sign the deal shortly after the vote.

Visiting the UND campus while losing his voice, Dr. Armacost made his case for why he should be the next executive at UND.

"The stratgic plan talked a lot about programs and things that we would like to do. But what I felt was missing was a focus on initiatives that would build and continue to grow a stronger sense of community. So I feel that's an area I could bring a lot to, since that's exactly what I've done," Armacost said.

He comes to Grand Forks with a decorate military background. More than 30 years of active duty in the Air Force, including 20 years at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he served as Dean of Faculty.

During his time he over saw 550 faculty members as well as maneuvered through the financial sequester of 2013.

"There are times when senior leaders have to make tough choices, I do that as well. But in the settings that I've been in, I've been fortunate that it lines up with the way that I like to lead, and that is really focusing on getting ideas and inputs from others. Becasue often those ideas are better than one person," Armacost said.

He surpassed former University of Vermont Provost Dr. David Rosowsky, with a difficult history with former faculty, and Dr. Laurie Stenberg Nichols, who served as President of the University of Wyoming for 3 years, but didn't have her contract renewed.

Armacost is a permanent professor for the U.S. Air Force Academy. So as part of negotiations, he was offered and has accepted tenure in his new post at UND.

While with the Academy, he earned the moniker "Uncle Andy," but he doesn't anticipate bringing that with him to Grand Forks.

He is expected to being his tenure on June 1st, or earlier.

Beginning a new era at the University of North Dakota.

ORIGINAL STORY: The University of North Dakota will be wrapping up their so-called "expedited" presidential search. A candidate list of 60 people is down to the final three, all of whom are interviewing on-campus Tuesday.

Within the next hour, a new era will begin in Grand Forks. These three individuals are the final 3 in the running for the job, and each of them would bring a different focus for the university.

The first interview this morning was Dr. Andrew Armacost, who recently retired from more than 30 years of service in the Air Force. His most recent position being the Dean of Faculty for the U.S. Air Force Academy. During his time he over saw 550 faculty members as well as maneuvered through the financial sequester of 2013.

Then was former Provost for the University of Vermont, Dr. David Rosowsky.

What stands out from his record is a faculty vote of no confidence, after he moved to implement a new budget model.

However, he responded by saying it was not a college nor university-wide vote. Adding he received overwhelming support from the deans and the executive office.

Finally, Dr. Laurie Stenberg Nichols. Currently serving as President of Black Hills State University and the former President for the University of Wyoming. She is the first woman to hold the position, but how she left is clouded with mystery. Her contract was NOT renewed after serving only three years as President, which she says she hasn't received an explanation.

We'll have more on this and campus reaction when the final name is announced.

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