Two men arrested with more than five pounds of marijuana in Minot

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MINOT Minot Police arrested two Indiana men on an Amtrak train after they were found with more than five pounds of marijuana Thursday night.

Police arrested the two men, ages 26 and 27, for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

Police responded to a report shortly after 10 p.m. of Amtrak employees calling for three intoxicated people to be removed from the train.

Police say that, when they arrived on the train, one man's backpack was partially open and an officer noticed marijuana inside of it.

Officers discovered five pounds of marijuana inside multiple bags.

The men remain in custody in the Ward County Jail, pending their initial court appearance.

Police also arrested a 30-year-old Vancouver woman at the scene, who was not associated with the men and had just met them, for a misdemeanor drug charge and released her on scene.