'Twas the season to shop locally in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Whether you've been saving a buck or saving the drive this holiday season, the change brought a lot of support to local business owners.

"We are seeing a lot of our millennials saying: 'Hey, I want to shop local and get that really unique gift for someone in my family.' And you’re just not going to get that on Amazon," said Angela Skogen, owner of Cooks on Main.

Cooks on Main has seen a lot of foot traffic this year with customers buying gifts such as Instant Pots and Knife Blocks.

"We could not keep them in stock so we have a whole waiting list we have a brand new shipment coming in this week and that will continue to be hot through 2018," said Skogen.

Air fryers were also on the list of what has been a popular item this holiday season; a healthy gadget that keeps the calories away.

"It’s a great way to get that fried taste without any of the added fat and it cooks in about half the time in what your oven or air fryer would," said Skogen.

Local retailers have been very busy this season ringing up winter accessories as gifts.

"We had gloves Friday morning when I opened. We probably had 15-20 pairs of gloves and by Christmas Eve we had none," said Kim Wenko, Co-owner of Style Uncorked.

The foot traffic for holiday returns may be slow for now, but when the time comes the stores will be prepared.

"We have to be able to service that need, and we also have to give them that customer experience that makes them want to come back," said Wenko.

Boosting Williston's economy, one gift at a time.