Turtle Mountain pushing delegation to support tribal marijuana amendment

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Turtle Mountain Chairman Jamie Azure is pushing the delegation to support an amendment allowing tribes to grow and sell marijuana. The amendment is part of the Department of Justice budget. Currently, a tribe has to partner with a state. Azure says there’s no agreement between his tribe and North Dakota.

Azure says he supports the measure on the basis of tribal sovereignty and the chance for economic development, but said there's no guarantee the tribe will move forward with any marijuana initiatives.

“The bill itself is a statement of tribal sovereignty stating that we are a sovereign nation that should not be handcuffed by agreements with the state,” said Azure.

Azure says if the tribe were to get involved, it would probably be a store instead of a growing operation.

A spokesperson for Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. released this statement:

States are determining how marijuana will be handled now and going forward. While Senator Hoeven does not support legalizing recreational marijuana, the senator has supported efforts to protect the implementation of North Dakota’s state medical marijuana law in the past and will review the language in the House amendment should it be considered by the Appropriations Committee.