Turkey day safety

BISMARCK, N.D - Thanksgiving is a time for fun and family time.

Photo courtesy: MGN

But if you are not safe while cooking, the fire department could show up at your door step.

Bismarck Fire Marshal Owen Fitzsimmons says Thanksgiving is the national peak day for cooking fires.

He wants people to be prepared with a fire extinguisher, just in case.

And if you are frying your turkey, the fire department has some tips.

"Use it outdoors away from any sort of structures, fences, trees, etc. Make sure it's away from any combustible structures. Make sure you have your turkey fryer at the correct level. Don't overfill it; that causes your oil to overflow and ignite," said Fitzsimmons.

He says to be more vigilant while cooking your holiday meal Thursday.

And to keep an extra eye on children in the kitchen.