Trump budget could cost North Dakota environmental programs millions

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BISMARCK, N.D. - President Donald Trump's proposed budget plan calls for huge cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. Those reductions could have a major impact here in North Dakota.

The Environmental Health Section of the Department of Health, which is funded with about half federal money, could lose $6 to $8 million.

Section Chief Dave Glatt says cuts to the clean air, clean water and hazardous waste management programs could hamstring the state's ability to implement federal programs.

Still, Glatt says other cuts, such as Energy Star or climate change research programs, wouldn't hurt as much.

"With any downturn, there's some opportunity, so we're looking at some potential opportunities here how partner with EPA and do at least as good of job, if not a better job of protecting the environment," said Glatt.

Glatt says this is all worst case scenario. He says he can't remember congress ever fully going along with a president's proposed budget.