Truck stops filling up

Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 8:07 PM CDT
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Bismarck and Mandan may have escaped the brunt of the winter storm, but it's created a different kind of problem. I-94 east of Bismarck is shutdown until Friday morning.

Rows and rows of rigs are lined up until the morning. Patti Divita of Canada says she’s making her first run into the U.S. with a new company.

"I'm just really excited because my very first trip I happen to be going to Chicago area, so I'm like, 'Sweet! See my family!' but now I'm stuck," said Divita, truck driver.

Divita and dozens of other drivers have to wait for the roads to be cleared up.

"Best thing to do is get in here because it's safe, cause if you get out there and you get caught in that mess, your truck is going to end up in a ditch or on the side, that's all," said Stanley Butryn Jr., truck driver.

Vehicles overflowed the truck stop and started parking in the street and on the ramps.

"I've never seen quite like this. It's maniac, it's crazy. I'm actually out on the road because I thought when I saw trucks out there on the road I thought, okay, if they're out there on the road already that means there're no spots here," said Divita.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation cautioned eastbound trucks to stop in Dickinson because of limited parking in Mandan.

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