Trio 'Braves the Shave' at Caffe Aroma

BISMARCK, N.D. - Friends who knew each other through soccer, and an old restaurant came together for a good cause. This team's name for Brave the Shave is Soccer Pitch, since they met through soccer and one of the teammates old restaurant was "Reza's Pitch."

Kevin, Reza and Rip were talking to one another and bounced ideas off one another saying if you shave your head, I'll shave my beard. These guys ended up becoming a trio for this brave the shave event and have raised over $3,000.

They decided on doing the event early, since Kevin won't be on town Saturday for the main event at the Y.

“This beard has been here since 1979 and the original goes back to 1963. So, I've had a beard pretty continuously since 1963,” said team member Dave Ripley.

Soccer Pitch says they didn't know of a restaurant that would let them shave their heads, but they always meet at Caffe Aroma and owner Tina, offered it right away.