Trinity Health's plan after helicopter is damaged

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MINOT, N.D.- A minor accident Thursday left Trinity Health without one of its main ways to transport patients.

One of the helicopters used to transport patients to and from Trinity Hospital is now undergoing some treatment of its own.

The helicopter needs repairs after the tail was damaged.

Shortly after landing safely, the pilot felt a vibration and noticed damage to the tail of helicopter.

Trinity says it appears the tail caught in the safety netting around the launchpad.

Parts of Main Street were blocked off by police Thursday as crews worked to remove the damaged helicopter from the hospital's rooftop by crane.

The aircraft was taken to Bismarck for repairs, and there's no official report on the damage yet.

Until the helicopter returns to the Magic City, Trinity is looking to other ways to transport patients according to Trinity Health Vice President Randy Schwan.

"Trinity Health has two airplanes that we use for transport and we also have other helicopter services in the region that we are partners with and they bring patients to Trinity as well. So the whole region is not without air transport," said Schwan.

Repairs are expected to finish within the next few weeks. In the meantime, the hospital plans to use flight team members on the ground.