Travel quarantine expanded for all states

Published: Apr. 8, 2020 at 9:56 PM CDT
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Gov. Doug Burgum signed a pair of executive orders Wednesday.

The first one, the big one: the travel quarantine being expanded.

Not too long ago, the governor said that anyone traveling to a certain number of the states had to self-quarantine for 14 days under penalty of law.

That quarantine is now being extended to all states and all nations that individuals travel to when coming back to North Dakota, but the governor said he is still not considering a statewide shutdown, saying he has no appetite for that.

"For those who say that the state isn't doing enough to slow the spread, I would ask them again to keep looking at the numbers and understand what we're trying to manage, which is we're trying to manage capacity of hospital care. This is the two curves we talk about, the curve and the line. One is flattening the curve, which we're doing, and then raising the line for the hospital care,” Burgum said.

The second executive order involves personal protective gear. All around the state, there are universities and other state agencies that aren't using their PPE's because they've been shut down. Well, the governor signed an executive order that allows those agencies to either donate or move that equipment to other state agencies or other eligible charities as long as part of the COVID response.

"We're benefiting today from actions that people were taking several weeks ago, whether that's closing schools or businesses, personal care businesses, so we know that reduced activity is paying dividends today,” Burgum said.

The governor has put a lot of responsibility on mayors and local businesses to make a lot of the decisions to get through this COVID-19 pandemic. However, since March 13, when the governor declared a state of emergency, 24 executive orders have been signed; 26 throughout the year. That's the most signed since 2013, when former Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed 27 executive orders.

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