Transportation plan highlights poor conditions near road washout in Sioux County

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SIOUX COUNTY, N.D. - A Long Range Transportation Plan for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe shows conditions to Kenel Road were in poor condition when flooding washed it out, causing two fatalities.

The tribe created a long range transportation plan with KLJ Engineering, that was published back in December.

It was the first report since 2010, although they were mandated to do one every five years.

The plan, created by KLJ Engineering and Planning in Bismarck, outlines the portion of Kenel Road, where the culvert washed out.

The roadway was rated as a 3 out of 10, which is defined as “road is in poor condition typically needing a structural overlay.” Culverts located on the reservation “need either repair or replacement,” according to the plan.

Specifically, the culvert located on Kenel Road would cost an estimated $1.5 million to be replaced. The replacement for the culvert was placed on the long-range projects and costs list. This list is a back-up of projects that didn’t have funding in the five-year plan or weren’t considered high priority for the tribe.

The location of the culvert is listed one mile north of the state line, which is the exact area of the wash out.

The transportation plan recommended that the number one priority includes “upgrades and/or repairs on existing bridges, culverts…on paved BIA and Tribal facilities.”

Your News Leader reached out to Tribal Chairman Mike Faith. He stated that there were plans to replace the culvert, however the washout devastated the road first.

Funding for projects in Sioux County comes from the North and South Dakota DOT along with other various programs.

Kenel Road was listed in the report as a Bureau of Indian Affairs road.

The Long Range Transportation Plan was released in December of 2018.