Back-to-school traffic safety

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With school back in session, it's important for parents to keep safety in mind.

The end of the school day at Bakken Elementary can be a little chaotic at times.

"If you wait around too long, it kind of gets a little more congested," said Wayne Wiedrich, Parent.

The former high school building didn't traffic issues like this when many students drove, but now the parents of around a thousand students converge on the area every day, causing some concerned parents to reach out to the Williston Police Department.

"Some of the concerns were, obviously the speed, distracted driving, leaving vehicles unattended," said Detective Danielle Hendricks of the Williston Police Department.

The department has increased its presence in school zones at drop off and dismissal times. At Bakken, they've also added several crossing guards.

"I care about the safety of the kids," said Cheri Anderson, Para-educator and Crossing Guard, "and before there was anybody here, they were trying to dodge cars both directions, so I feel that it's in their benefit to stand out here and help them get across the street."

And while traffic patterns have improved over the last year, there are some things that could be done to ensure safety.

"I really would like to see a crosswalk or something there because a lot of kids go without me being there because there isn't a crosswalk. And cars don't, basically, have to stop if there's no crosswalk," said Anderson.

In addition there are plenty of things parents can do.

"eliminate any and all distractions from inside the motor vehicles so you can be vigilant to everything that's going around you in your surroundings," Said Hendricks

Being extra careful can make sure everyone can get both to and from school safely.

Hendricks also says to slow down in school zones, turn down the radio and don't text and drive.