Traffic on 43rd Avenue in Bismarck

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 10:15 PM CDT
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43rd Avenue is set to be rebuilt in the next few years, and more than a hundred residents made it to the meeting to discuss their concerns and find out what the city has planned.

Traffic on 43rd is getting bad enough that the residents would rather work around it.

"It's somewhat of a bottleneck. I try to avoid 43rd about as best as I can to find alternate routes, " said Jerry Delenge, resident.

The three options currently are:

A: Where they do nothing,

B: Where they add roundabouts at the intersections,

C: Where they increase it from three lanes to five and add more traffic signals.

"The afternoon, morning, evening. Quite a bit of traffic around here. It would be nice to see how the traffic could move a little bit more smoothly than it is right now," said Delenge.

It could be a while before we see the plans put into place.

"Moving forward, and looking at designing plans and coming up with improvements so we're ready to construct an improvement when the funding is available," said Gabe Schell, city engineer.

Schell says it could happen as early as 2020, or as late as 2022.

Funding would come from the federal level and possibly from the city's recently passed half cent sales tax.

The plan is expected to come before the Bismarck City Commission in July.

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