Tradewind Energy looking to expand into Northwest North Dakota

Published: Nov. 18, 2016 at 9:46 PM CST
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If there's one thing North Dakota has an abundance of, it's wind. Tradewind Energy is looking to expand its wind farm projects in the state.

The company that helped develop the Lindahl Wind Farm is looking to double down on North Dakota Wind.

"So Lindahl is 150 megawatts, and it has 75 turbines. Aurora will be double that size, or potentially could be, at 300 megawatts for 150 towers," says Brice Barton, Tradewind Energy.

The experience with Lindahl is one reason the company wanted to explore another farm.

"We like the area, we understand the zoning process, both at the local and state level and great wind resource here," says Barton.

Williams County Planning and Zoning has approved construction of information-gathering towers. The site runs from just north of Tioga, and northwest through New Home, Hazel and Big Stone townships.

"We put up six temporary MET towers under 200 feet. They read the wind at different levels and help you understand how the wind moves across the site," says Barton.

The commission says it believes that the meteorological towers will have little impact on day-to-day life while they gather the information.

"It is purely exploratory at this point. This should not hinder traffic, it should not have any influence on grazing or farming at this point," says Tate Cymbaluk, Williams County Planning and Zoning.

The next step is to get the county commission's approval for the towers.

Barton says the towers will gather information for at least six months before Trade Wind decides if it wants to go forward with the project.