Touchmark Community raises funds for reading non-profit

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Every week, the Touchmark Retirement Community hosts a live band along with a cookout to raise funds and bring awareness to Bismarck and Mandan non-profits.

"The non-profits I wanted to focus on were newer ones or smaller ones that people might not have heard of. Just to get their names out there, and to get donations and to bring awareness to what these great organizations do,” said Destiny Sisk, Touchmark life enrichment director.

One of them is the Armchair Project, where teachers open books and flip pages with patients at the hospital and people at the homeless shelters.

"Our goal is to simply for them to have a little bit of stress relief from homelessness or illness or whatever their circumstances are," said Vonda Dahl, founder of Project Armchair.

Project Armchair’s relationship with Touchmark allows the non-profit to purchase books to give to children.

"We don't have any overhead yet. We don't have an office, we don't have any salaries, so it all goes to books," said Dahl.

Teachers from the Bismarck and Mandan area visit hospitals daily, and homeless shelters weekly.

"The read out-loud time will give them a momentary reprieve from challenging circumstances," said Dahl.

Which help children and families cope with the hardships they endure.

"It's a moment for all of them to take a breather, to let go of the worry and stress and parents tell us all the time, thank you so much," said Dahl.

Each flip of a page, brings a new adventure.