Tornadoes sweeping through the US

BISMARCK, N.D. - Getting back to the severe weather outlook in light of storms that other states have been seeing, our viewers are certainly no strangers to violent storms. Jordan Verdadeiro spoke with meteorologists to find out what the unsettled pattern may mean for North Dakota.

Meteorologist Henry Blakes says there have already been three tornadoes in North Dakota, this month.

North Dakota has a history of damaging tornadoes...The F5 tornado that struck Fargo in 1957 killed 10 and injured more than 100.

Meteorologist for the National Weather Service says this year, the U.S. has far exceeded the amount of tornadoes it had last year. 1999 was the state's worst year for tornadic activity with 61. Nationwide that number is much larger.

"Over the past five years or so the average is about 1,100 tornadoes in a year, this year we've already had over 900," said John Martin, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Many across the United States have lost their homes after storms swept through the Midwest.

"We had disturbance that pushed through the central portion of the nation that brought numerous tornadoes severe thunderstorms, that produce large hail and damaging wind," said Blakes.

Meteorologists say every tornado should be taken seriously and to heed warnings when alerts are sent out.

"The heaviest months for tornadoes in ND, June, July, and August, but we've had tornadoes every month of the year except Dec, Jan, and Feb," said Martin.

The three tornadoes in North Dakota this month were near Leal and Rogers in Barnes County, and Hope in Steele County. Meteorologists say to pay attention to weather alerts as conditions are constantly changing, and if there is a tornado coming your way to evacuate and seek shelter.

The national weather service says there have been 27 recorded deaths in the state, and 388 injuries since 1950.