Top three Minot City Council candidates weigh in on Tuesday's results

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT
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The results of Minot's City Council election are not official yet, but we're getting a better picture of the new-look Minot City Council.

Unofficial results indicate that voters in Minot elected former human rights worker Carrie Evans, incumbent Stephan Podrygula, and longtime Minot figure Tom Ross, who received the most votes to the city council.

“I was never overly confident that I was going to get elected to the City Council. It was humbling to see the results come in and there was some celebration,” said Ross.

The results came in late Tuesday night following some trouble with one of the ballot counting machines.

Alderman Podrygula told Your News Leader he did not do much to celebrate, but he did feel at ease once a reporter informed him of the win.

“I was very relieved. With the problem they had with counting the ballots, it was pretty nerve racking waiting,” said Podrygula.

Evans also said she felt relief after the victory. She told Your News Leader that all that's left to do is work hard for the people of Minot.

”The work has just begun, what I did non the campaign, and that hard work was just the beginning, and that’s what they are going to get from me as a councilmember,” said Evans.

According to the City Council handbook, the winning candidates begin their four-year term on the fourth Tuesday in June.

Again, the results are unofficial, as the county will canvas on Monday.

For more information on all the candidates visit our website.