Tires Plus and Valvoline Drive-Thru Coming to North Bismarck

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 5:09 AM CDT
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There's a new type of car care experience coming to north Bismarck.

Jarid Lundeen is the owner of this project and says we can expect a new Tires Plus and Valvoline by October of 2019.

Construction is underway at 5216 Ottowa Street in Bismarck.

The location is set to be the new home of two concepts under one roof.

One side of the building will become a Tires Plus, focusing on total car care.

The business will feature eight bays and have a team of 15 new employees.

The second half of the project will house a new Valvoline Instant Oil Change drive through, focusing on car maintenance.

The Valvoline will feature three drive-thru bays and have a team of 12 new employees.

Lundeen says he chose this location to feature his second Tires Plus and first Valvoline in Bismarck because it's a corridor with a lot of traffic.

He says he believes the proximity to neighborhoods and schools plus the inclusion of a drive-thru will translate into convenient, fast service for guests.

Lundeen says they're on track with construction and are over half way done.