Tips on having a safe, stress-free Thanksgiving

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MINOT, N.D. - With Thanksgiving just a few days away it's nearly time to get the turkey in the oven.

Candese Charles spoke with community members, Gourmet Chef, and the Minot Fire Department about safety and cooking tips for the perfect Thanksgiving.

The shopping, the cleaning. Thanksgiving dinner can be a stressful task to take on.

"Well there's a lot to do if you're cooking," said Vicki Rust, community member.

"Just making sure everything is cooked on time and making sure it's up to temperature," said Kristal Siembida, community member.

But, there are ways to ease some of the stress.

"Make sure you got your groceries ahead of time and then trying to plan your timing. Again, timing is the toughest thing for everybody. Is getting everything done at the same time," said Denise Lindbo, Gourmet Chef Owner.

Frying a turkey can also be a tall task.

"I don't like to work with all that oil. It's kind of scary if you don't work with it much," said Geri Hanson, community member.

And that fear can become very real very fast.

"People just aren't aware of the inherent danger of having an open flame and oil that's ready to ignite," says Stuart Hammer, Minot Fire Inspector.

For a safe Thanksgiving, Lindbo and Hammer say:

- Make sure your Turkey is at least 165 degrees to ensure it's cooked all the way through.
- Make sure you have a sturdy pan for your turkey.
- If you're frying a turkey, turn off the flame BEFORE putting the bird in the fryer. AND
- Make sure to fry out in the open air...NOT in your garage.

Whether you're cooking or frying your bird, you can ease some of your holiday stress by taking heed to some of these Thanksgiving safety tips.

Gourmet Chef has fryers, thermometers, and more to make a safe Thanksgiving dinner this year.