Tips for keeping your pet safe this spring

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MINOT, N.D. - Both humans and pets alike cannot wait to get outside once the snow melts. However there are some things owners need to be aware of as spring approaches.

Letting your pets play out in the grass makes for a great time, until one of these finds its way into its fur.

"If it is attached to your animal, you just need to, essentially, pull it off. Make sure you wash your hands well because ticks can spread disease. That is one of the issues that we have with them,” said Ron Thunshelle, veterinarian.

Fortunately preventing a tick from attaching itself to your four-legged friend is preventable. How you spend time with your pet will help determine the best prevention method.

"It's going to depend a little bit on what their lifestyle is. So dogs that are out and about more, in tall grass, you know, taken out to the field to run, those kinds of
things are going to be at higher risk,” said Thunshelle.

The risk for your dog getting away gets higher when you spend more time outside. Thunshelle says it's really important to have a collar that has identification on it.
But there is something even better.

"The permanent form of identification like a microchip. So that they can be scanned and identified,” said Thunshelle.

Helping to keep your furry friends happy and healthy this spring.

If you have questions on flea and tick prevention, you can contact your veterinarian.