Tigirlily, from Hazen to Nashville

Published: Aug. 18, 2017 at 7:32 PM CDT
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North Dakota's popular "Sister Act" is ready to take their singing careers to the next level. Tigirlily is moving to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue their musical dreams on the big stage.

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh are moving on from the quiet small town neighborhood that grew up in.

Kendra said, "We're ready to take on the big city, right Krista?" Krista, "Yes we are."

The singing sisters, better known as "Tigirlily" are relocating to the hub of Country Music.

"I think the most important part about moving to Nashville is definitely the song writing community down there. It's such a big thing in Nashville and we are excited

to write with other people and see what can happen when you put a couple of people in a room together and write some music," said Kendra.

Tigirlily just released their "Wild Creatures" EP. It hit #14 on the iTunes country charts. They've recorded four EPs, are followed by 160,000 people on social media and the duo has produced eleven music videos. They say moving to Nashville allows them to take the next step in their music careers, and still stay connected to their fans on Facebook, instagram and YouTube.

Still, leaving the town they were born in and the state and family that's supported them is emotional.

Kendra and Krista's mom Brenda Slaubaugh said: "I think they are very grounded and ready to go on a new adventure. Coming from a small town, small state, I know they'll do OK no natter where they go.

While Kendra and Krista are pursuing their dreams, they'll also be getting an education. Both girls are enrolled at Belmont College, majoring in music business management.

Tigirlily's final North Dakota concert starts at 6:30 at Bismarck's Municipal Ballpark.

They say they plan to return to the state to perform once they are settled in Nashville.