Tick season concerns in ND

MINOT, N.D. - Tick season is in full swing in North Dakota.

The bugs are worrisome because of the potential for transmitting diseases.

In North Dakota the deer tick, the American dog tick and more recently the Lone Star tick are of concern.

"The American Dog Tick is more known for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and tularemia which are bacterial illnesses,” said Linda Larson the field epidemiologist.

The deer tick carries more diseases than the American dog tick.

"And this is the one that is very small it is about the size of a poppy seed. And so this is the one that is concerning because a lot of times you can't see it. Especially too if it gets in your hair you don't know if you have been bit,” said Larson.

The third tick, the Lone Star, is not native to North Dakota but it is being found here now.

"The thing with the Lone Star Tick is it carries a couple of viruses. The Bourbon virus and the heartland virus,” said Larson.

If you think you have found a Lone Star Tick, Larson asks you send a picture of it to NDticks@nd.gov so they can learn more about the species.

Once you come in from being outside Larson recommends checking for ticks. Wear bug spray with deet to repel ticks. If a tick has bitten you, getting a them off within 24 hours is recommended. After the 24-hour period they are more likely to transmit diseases they might carry.

There is treatment for the bacterial illnesses transmitted from ticks. So, if you do develop symptoms the sooner you get medical treatment the better.