Thousands of job openings in Williston

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WILLISTON, N.D. - The latest job numbers report from Job Service North Dakota shows July numbers remained steady at around 3,000 job openings in the Williston region.

Paula Hickel, the workforce center manager in Williston Job Service ND office, says they are still seeing the most job openings in CDL and oilfield positions. Following the oilfield industry, there is high demand for installation, maintenance and repair workers, as well as sales related positions.

Hickel says the healthcare and education fields are also experiencing a high rate of need and extremely low numbers of job seekers. Right now, healthcare is seeing about five job openings per one person seeking a job.

There is one area that isn't struggling to find employees.

"Office and administrative support is another area that remains pretty high in the job openings, however, we have about twice as many people seeking the positions as we have positions available, so that's a little bit harder to get in the door," said Hickel.

Hickel says overall, it's still a job seeker market, and they have many more jobs than they have people to fill them. She says some companies have brought back incentive programs, hire-on bonuses and housing allowances in an effort to get recruits.

I also see more companies right now that are willing to hire and train to get the CDL, especially if its not driving the big rig, and they might be working in a crew, and they prefer that they have one or two people on each crew that is a CDL. So that's a great opportunity for the job seekers and the companies to get folks on that might not otherwise be qualified with the CDL. Or maybe don't have the time and $5,000 to do CDL training, but they can jump on board and be perfectly teachable," said Hickel.

Job Service ND will be having a multi-industry job fair Sept. 12 at the Raymond Center. Hickel expects about 100 employers will be there. If you are an employer who'd also like to be a part of it, Hickel says there's still time to sign up.