Thousands attend Mandan parade to celebrate Independence Day

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MANDAN, N.D. - From all over the Midwest and beyond, thousands came to the Mandan Fourth of July Parade.

Floats of all shapes and sizes were driving down main street in Mandan today, and everyone had their favorites.

"I like the one with the bubbles, how about you guys?" said Dion Feigitsch, Bismarck resident.

Feigitsch grandkids liked the one with bubbles, too.

"That'd be the luxury bass float. They have three people riding go-carts. Two of them are on a toilet, one of them is in a bath, so it's pretty nice. They all have American flags in the back, so, America!" said Bismarck resident Ray Lopez.

Mandan has celebrated Independance Day with a parade for more than a hundred years, with one newspaper story dating to 1882, it's become a long running tradition for many families in the area.

"It's an annual thing, we come to the parade. This year my daughter from Georgia came back. A big holiday for her always, she always looks forward to it and it's kind of a family get together," said Feigitsch.

​The parade this year included more than a hundred entrants.