Therapeutic horses improve mobility for disabled children

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 10:23 PM CDT
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Children and adults are saddling up this summer to experience therapy in a different way.

TR 4 Heart and Soul provides therapeutic horse riding to those with disabilities and learning, speech, and behavioral challenges.

Meet 11-year-old Clayton Reis.

"He has Mitochondrial disease," said Ginger Reis, Clayton's mom.

It delays him neurologically and affects muscle tone, but it doesn't slow him down when it comes to his weekly visits to Rodney.

Clayton's therapeutic lessons started two years ago.

"Before, he would only take a step or two and fall," said Carl Reis, Clayton's dad.

And he's made strides every lesson.

"He started taking steps after we started last year," said Carl.

Clayton's parents also say they've seen a difference in his confidence, which helps him cope with his disease.

"It helps improve their way of living. On a daily basis from being out here with the horses, and with what Katie does," said Carl.

TR 4 Heart and Soul has touched the lives of many.

"It's a special place out here, with special people," said Carl.

Leaving Katie Oakland feeling the same way.

"Its a ton of work, but as soon as you see those smiles every single second is worth, well spent," said Oakland, executive director of TR 4 Heart and Soul.

Blazing new trails with every ride.

This non-for-profit program serves people of all ages. Their youngest rider is 4 years old while their oldest is turning 80 in a couple of weeks.

They're always looking for volunteers to help with the program also, you can find the email and website below:


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