Theodore Roosevelt National Park honored with quarter

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MEDORA, N.D. - National parks across the country are celebrating the service's centennial Thursday.

But Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the only one being presented with a quarter.

"I hope that this quarter encourages more people to come see Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Medora, because it is spectacular, it is wonderful, it is beautiful, and we love it."- John Hoeven, U.S. Senator

The coin features Roosevelt on horseback, with the Badlands in the background.

"In this case, it's particularly neat that we got to memorialize a park that was representative of one of our presidents and how he led the nation." Rhett Jeppson, U.S. Mint, Principal Deputy Director

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the fourth one this year to be honored with its own coin.

It's the 34th in the America the Beautiful National Parks Quarter program.

'what an awesome experience for these kids to be part of history. It's especially important for my kids, because we study North Dakota in the 4th grade, so it was an awesome experience for them to see this today."- Kayleen Marmon, Belfield Public School, 4th grade teacher

Part of the surcharge for the coin will go towards the National Park Service.