Theodore Roosevelt Library exploring Medora as possible site

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is supposed to be built in Dickinson, but that might not happen. The Library Foundation is taking a look at Medora, near the national park that bears his name.

This may be the only thing ever on this site. The Library Foundation is having second thoughts.

"We've had a lot of questions as to why wouldn't you look at Medora, why wouldn't you look at the Badlands? Why wouldn't you consider putting it near the National Park that bears his name. And we're saying yes, we'll now take a look at that,” said Wally Goulet, Library Foundation CEO .

Goulet said that the questions kept coming up while he was traveling throughout the country. The foundation launched a feasibility study. It made a compelling argument for putting the library there. However, the case against it is also strong.

"Medora is a small community. We have to think about the number of people who'll come through the door, the amenities, visitation, seasonality, associations with the national park and other entities,” said Clay Jenkinson, Principal Historian .

Dickinson is not being replaced yet.

"It's just good to have that as an option. So it's nothing definite at all, but we thought we would open ourselves to looking at the whole issue of siting,” said Goulet.

Goulet wants all the options considered before they break ground. Goulet said he's hoping to have the final options for the board to vote on in 90 days.