The stories behind the Bison fans herding to Frisco

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Thousands of Bison fans from around North Dakota began the trip down to Frisco, Texas Thursday. Some by car, some flew and others jumped on a bus.

The Bison Tracker, locates thousands of fans around the world. However, those who chose to make the trip from around the state on the Midwest Sports Tour buses, each have their own stories that brought them here.

90 Bison fans hit the open road for the cross country trip to Frisco.

"Somewhere between 1,200 miles. From Fargo its 17 hours and one minute," said Michael Smith, tour bus driver.

For some, the trip is annual.

"Six to Frisco now, and I've done one in Target Field, but I've never been to the Fargodome," said Tom Dietz, a Bison fan.

Other, have connections to the team.

"I became a fan when my son was recruited and played for this bison. He played when they were Division 2, so he has a couple of Championship rings," said Patrick Pins, a Bison Fan.

Some of the veteran travelers shared their advice for the rookies.

"Bring some sort of sleep aid, or your going to be up all night," said Dietz.

However, the newbies seem to be figuring out the bus just fine.

"We've got running water and a bathroom on here, so I think we'll be alright," said Rocky Heinze, a Bison fan.

One fan say once you make the trip, you'll always come back for another.

"This wont be your last trip I can guarantee that, its so easy to get addicted to it, and decide, hey I've got to do this every year, and you look forward to it," said Pins.

Making the 1,200 mile trip, keeping the horns up the entire way.

A heard of Bison, with driving forces on the way to Texas.

The buses are expected to make they're arrival in Frisco Friday afternoon.