The new District 8 Superintendent wants to calm the turmoil

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 5:36 PM CST
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Williams County School District #8’s new interim superintendent says a lot needs to be accomplished within her six month term.

Beth Zietz says District 8 is going through growing pains, and she hopes to put her 32 years of education experience to good use.

She moved to Williston temporarily from Minnesota, where she held a superintendent position in Cook County for seven years, and most recently was superintendent for Parshall, N.D.

Zietz says she likes to help districts going through turmoil, and wants to bring a calm voice to discussions between District 8 and Williston Public School District #1.

She says a lot of work needs to be done, especially as District 8 prepares to become a K-12 district for the first time in its history.

“That’s obviously a major priority. One thing that we’re looking at is possibly a 4 day week, which is kind of exciting. We are also in the midst of a bond election, and that comes out on February 25th. We certainly hoping our voters will support the $28 million question,” added Zietz.

On that same day, a second ballot will list candidates for the recall election. The two recalled District 8 board members will be going up against three other seat-seekers, two of which support combining District 8 with District 1.

Zietz says the election will affect every tax-payer in Williams County, so if you live in district 8, she says it’s important to vote on Feb. 25.

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