The heat affects many

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's been hot and humid lately, and it's expected to get even hotter.

Some homeless people in the Bismarck area say they're lucky to have places to go so they can get out of the sun.

With the scorching sun beating down, Ministry on the Margins has seen an increase of people due to the hot temperatures.

"I walk into here, and into the air conditioning, and I think, 'thank God.' So for me, it always makes me feel grateful because I know I'm not living in that, and then I'm also grateful that we can open it up and let people into the air conditioning," said Sister Kathleen Atkinson.

Atkinson says she offers people a place to relax, get out of the sun and eat.

"Nobody's quite like Sister Kathleen. She really fills all the needs as best she can. Food's good, it's always warm in the winter and cool in the summer," said Tim Haney, Sunrise Apartments resident.

Ministry on the Margins isn't the only place seeing more people due to the heat; Sanford Health has also seen an increase.

"I've seen a few people with a little bit of heat illness, but not full dehydration. They were basically dizzy, feeling tired, little bit of a headache because they haven't kept well hydrated," said Eric Thompson, Director of Urgent Care at Sanford Health.

Thompson recommends people to wear light, loose fit clothing, stay in the shade and drink lots of fluids while out in the sun.

Thompson also recommends people to wear sunscreen and to wet down their scalp to get their body to cool down.