The Hitchin Kitchen brings a new food truck to Minot

Published: May. 13, 2019 at 7:35 PM CDT
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It's bright orange, it attaches to a truck, and it has delicious food.

A new food truck in Minot is changing how you get your food. Meghan von Behren brings us more.

"I would like the beer cheese nachos with pulled pork,” said Bill Thomas a customer.

Beer Cheese sauce, one of the handmade specialties from The Hitchin Kitchen. This food truck might be new, but if you can't tell by the long line, it's quickly becoming a favorite.

"It's great to not have to go too far to get your lunch for the day so this is a really great option,” said Bill Thomas.

Owners Tifany and Josh say they both have a passion for food, and wanted to find a way to bring that to people.

"Tifany and I has always kind of talked about doing the food truck or some sort of business related to that. We felt like there is a demand for it, there wasn't a whole lot of them in this area,” said Josh Wolla, one of the owners.

"We both come from big families who love to cook. Josh's mom used to own a restaurant so there is some sort of back ground there but it is just something that we love to do and we thought why not just go after it and have fun with it,” said Tifany Force an owner.

The Hitchin Kitchen cooks all their food fresh. Josh handles the meat and Tifany is the master behind the sauce.

"And this will take a little bit of time. It has to warm up and it will thicken. Then I will add the cheese, then do the emulsion blender add a little cream and we're

done,” said Force.

What's unique about this food joint is it hitches right onto a truck.

"We like the idea of being mobile. Being in different places every day. You have so many opportunities with this, farm auctions, taco fest,” said Tifany Force.

Creating a new way to bring delicious food to hungry people.

Any left-over food Josh and Tifany donate to those in need in the community. You can find where the Hitchin Kitchen will be next on their Facebook Page.

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