The 65th National Hard Spring Wheat Show

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WILLISTON, N.D. - It's day two of the 65th Annual National Hard Spring Wheat Show, and with over 140 people showing up, it wasn't a disappointment.

"So far we had best of the best come in and it's been a great turn out, and a lot of great information that's happening and that will continue throughout the day," said Danielle Steinhoff, Agriculture & Natural Resource Ext. Agent Williams County.

Guest speakers from across the state presented different ways on how farmers can plant and use soil tests into the growing year.

"We are learning about how fertilizers might be interacting with organic matter, or our soil types, so we can make more sufficient use of the fertilizer," said Brian Kaae, farmer.

Over 50 vendors were at the event, advertising unbeatable sales.

"We are definitely looking forward to get farmers going for this spring so they can continue with a nice harvest," said Tim Christen, equipment salesman for Gooseneck Implement.

New farming equipment is always good to have, but it all boils down to Mother Nature.

"Going into this crop season we are not going to have quite of a surplus of moisture, which is going to hurt us," said TJ Halverson, farmer.

Lack of rain can damage crops, but with learning different strategies for the growing season, you won't fall short. Day three of the show continues tomorrow at the Grand Williston from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.