Thanksgiving for the Seniors at Minot Air Force Base

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Minot Air Force Base is continuing a special Thanksgiving tradition that goes back nearly 50 years.

Since 1969, 200 senior citizens from the Minot community are invited to share a holiday dinner on base and this year is no different.

Roughly 60 airmen volunteer each year for this "Day of Love," making sure that the seniors have a Thanksgiving to remember.

"Once they get out here all of our volunteers come outside and they are all in their blue uniforms. They are helping everybody off the busses. You here all these comments of how sharp they look and they thank them for being here and for protecting them and for their freedoms,” says Susan Wagers the 5th Force Support Squadron Special Programs Coordinator.

The day builds a special bond between the young and the old, creating a sense of family for those who might not have loved ones near this holiday.

"It's really kind of neat a lot of them will say they feel like they are having dinner with their grandparents. Their families might not be here in North Dakota, they are somewhere else. Other than a phone call this is how they are spending their Thanksgiving. So this way they are amongst friends and family,” says Susan Wagers.

The base not only gives the seniors a Thanksgiving meal, they play bingo and have door prizes too. This year they even a World War II veteran coming to spend Thanksgiving with the airmen.