Minot chef puts new twist on Thanksgiving

MINOT, N.D. - Chef Jamie Price hosted a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal class at Gourmet Chef, taking tastes south of the border.

The Texas native is introducing recipes like Poblano cream corn, chili rub turkey and pumpkin empanadas as alternatives to the regular bird, stuffing and pie.

“Well it’s a lot of fun. We get to bring things locally from where I'm from, typically things people don’t get to have on a regular basis up here. That’s usually the goal to bring some things people won’t normally cook in their house. But give them the opportunity to know how to do it, and not be afraid to go outside the box a little bit,” said Price, host chef at Gourmet Chef.

With Gourmet Chef holding a more mainstream Thanksgiving food course later this month, Price invites foodies to explore a traditional meal in a new and exciting way.