Ten years later, family and friends of Anita Knutson still searching for answers

MINOT, N.D. - This weekend marks the ten-year anniversary of the murder of Minot State student Anita Knutson.

Although a decade has passed, her family, friends and law enforcement are still searching for answers.

Anita Knutson's memory lives on in her aunt Karen Leier's home.

“I have pictures of Anita that I took for her graduation,” said Leier.

Leier said she remembers the shock she felt when she heard of Anita's death.

“She's a great kid. She lived a good life, and she did wonderful things. You just can't believe that it would happen,” she said.

Anita was in between her freshman and sophomore years at Minot State University. On June 4, 2007, her father found her stabbed to death in her off-campus apartment. To this day, the killer is still on the loose.

“I believe the killer is still in Minot,” said Tyler Schmaltz, Anita’s longtime friend.

Schmaltz doesn't hold back on his anger over the lack of resolution in the case.

“It's kinda frustrating that there's this coward out there that just won't come forward and tell us that one piece of information we need to solve this,” he said.

Anita's younger sister Anna Knutson now lives in Oregon. She said she misses sharing her life experiences with Anita.

“When I was in college, going through just college-life stuff, I wish I could have called her, and talked to her about just the problems I was having,” Anna said.

Minot Police say they have recently worked with the state crime lab. They say there isn't any new physical evidence to go by, but they're looking to the public for help.

“Even if you think you have something that maybe you think you know, or you think we know something, don't assume that we know it. Bring it to us. Let us determine is this something new. Is this something that we need to take a look at,” said Capt. John Klug, Minot Police Department.

“I really feel somebody knows who did this. It's okay to talk to the police. They want people to come in,” said Leier.

“Ten years is a long time. We don't want it to be another ten years before we find out anything new,” said Anna.

A sister, daughter, niece, classmate and friend, gone but not forgotten.

If you have any information regarding the death of Anita Knutson, you are urged to call the Minot Police Department at (701) 852-0111.