Tear-down starts on Williston's old hospital turned law enforcement center

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:03 PM CST
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Demolition on an abandoned 91-year-old building that has barely stood the test of time started in Williston today. Discussion is already taking place on what could be built there in the future.

Tear down on the Good Samaritan Hospital that eventually was converted into a law enforcement center is supposed to take only six weeks.

Most of that time was used to put up a safety fence because of its close proximity to homes and an elementary school. Lakeside Builders United says it will likely be done before Christmas, which is not as soon as the City of Williston would like.

The site’s central location means their working-hours and the amount of equipment they can use at one time are limited.

“It kind of got me tied with how much work I can actually get done in a day with trying to maintain the safety of the community and the neighborhood and the children, and parents dropping their kids off for school. It’s not exactly an ideal situation,” said Lakeside Builders United President and CEO, LLC, Joe LaFave.

People were breaking into the structure and either living there or just covering the walls in graffiti, so LaFave says its destruction was long over-due. When the building is gone, he will take polls from the community to figure out what should be constructed in its place. One option they’ve discussed is creating a multi-level apartment-building with a 200-student District #1 alternative school or a daycare on the first floor.

LaFave says many people have sentimental ties to the building because they were born there, so he will put some bricks outside of the construction-site for them to take as a memento.

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