Team-building and service

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The snow postponed many local practices and games. St. Mary's high school was just one of the schools who's football games had to be pushed back. The team spent their Sunday preparing the field for the game tomorrow.

Teamwork, makes the dream work and the St. Mary's football coach wanted to make sure the game would still be on for Monday, after being pushed back because of the snow.

"We asked for volunteers and obviously the football team, so we're out here shoveling and cleaning, and trying to get it ready and hopefully mother nature can melt the rest of it tomorrow," said coach, Dan Smrekar.

About 80 players, and volunteers from the St. Mary's community shoveled bleachers, cleared the sidelines, and sidewalks.

"It really just brings the team together, so we're all out here working hard and it shows we're all one team," says Chris Birnbaum, student at St. Mary's.

The coach says the boys are having fun and its team building.

"You know we're a small school, and we get a lot of volunteers and when we need help like this, we get pretty generous people to come and help so it's pretty awesome," said Smrekar.

St. Mary's students say service is part of the curriculum.

"We're not paying someone to come out here and clean it for us, so we're acting as a community to come together, do it for free, and it's a little fun," said Birnbaum.

Birnbaum says cleaning the field may be a little gesture, but it shows the team can work together to make the big things happen.

St.Mary's High school will be playing the Watford City Wolves Monday, at the new high school in Bismarck at 5:30 PM.