Teacher offers tips for distance learning

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WILTON, N.D. - With a week of distance learning under their belts, many teachers and parents, and even students, are reflecting on how it’s going. It is a new way of learning and of teaching.

Daily videos are now an important part of Wilton first-grade teacher Tami Hauglie’s lesson plans.

“I am videoing lessons just like we would do them at school and then I upload to email,” Hauglie explained.

It’s the best way she’s found to teach her 16 students, but she says, it isn’t the same. And it isn’t easy.

“Sometimes I have to stop, wipe a tear or regroup myself and do it again,” she said.

But she knows this is the best way to keep everyone safe. So, she’s embracing the challenge.

“This is a great time to learn new things,” Hauglie said.

Including teaching online, something she’s never done in her 23 years as a teacher.

“This is like my first year of teaching. Online teaching, welcome to year one,” she laughed.

Her advice to parents? Make a space for learning and let your child take breaks.

“They don’t need to do it all in one sitting, or even in one day. If it takes multiple breaks or opportunities, that’s okay," she said.

And Hauglie says use this as a chance for your child to learn something new.

“Do something you haven’t done before. It’s an opportunity for us to take it in a positive way,” she added.

Bringing a positive spin to unprecedented times.

Hauglie says it’s important kids stay in touch with their friends too. She suggests letting them call or video chat a few times a week. And parents, she says don’t be afraid to ask questions of your child’s teacher. This is all new for them too and they’re looking for feedback.