Tax reform discussion focuses on benefits of tax bill

Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 8:07 AM CST
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Representative Kevin Cramer and Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger are talking about the benefits of the tax reform bill.

Americans for Prosperity hosted an event in Bismarck to explain their perspective.

They say most Americans should see higher paychecks, as well as more money from their tax returns.

"I had the pleasure of telling my other employees how much they were going to save through the new tax reform bill so it was really quite fun to see the look on their face,” Bismarck Funeral Home owner Mike Nathe said. “And it means a lot whether it's $50 a month more or $100 a month more that translates into some real savings."

Americans for Prosperity will be hosting tax reform events across the country in the coming weeks.