Taube Women's Exhibition on Display, artist reception postponed

MINOT, N.D.- I was at the Taube Museum of Art where I'm supposed to be previewing the artist's reception for the women’s exhibition that opened on Jan. 9.

The reception was supposed to be held Thrusday night, but due to poor weather conditions, they have pushed it till next week. But, that doesn't mean you can't still see some great works of art, like this one behind me, while you wait.

“These works of art are by local artist Diane Stye,” said Taube Museum of Art Executive Director Nancy Walter.

15 local female artists have their work on display through mid-February at the Taube Museum of Art.

“From two-dimensional acrylic paintings, to photography, to basket weaving, to fiber works,” said Walter.

Some of the artists are from right here in Minot. We got a quick peek at a few of the pieces to share.

“Joe Rolof. She is an artist or a photographer here in Minot. Actually the next three pieces are mine. The one on the rights is ‘Today's Woman’. I've had people who have been interested in it since that time so I decided to exhibit it once again,” said Walter.

The inspiration for the all-female exhibit comes from a similar show held at the same museum more than a decade ago.

“We were just looking for another platform to feature women artists,” said Walter.

If you're still looking for something to do between now and next week's reception, come down to the museum from 1:30-2:30 next Saturday for family paint Saturday, a great day of painting the whole family can enjoy.