Task force seeks funding for special assessments

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The debate on special assessments in Bismarck has been going on for nearly a year.

It's been so tense that the city commission created a task force to find a better way to pay for infrastructure costs.

Commissioner Shawn Oban says the city hasn't seen steep cost increases, but that they can't ignore maintenance because some people are upset.

“We can't just say that we're not going to repair roads and we can't say that we're not going to repair sidewalks, because if we let that happen we'd have citizens that, again, have a very high level of expectations of the services we have for this city,” said Oban.

Oban says the task force is back to square one after the legislature struck down one of the solutions: to charge everyone a monthly maintenance fee of around $20.

He says the only other available option is a sales tax increase.