TSA tips for Bismarck summer travelers

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Thousands of passengers will be screened before flying from the Bismarck Airport this summer.

The Transportation Security Administration wants boarding operations to go smoothly and have advice for travelers.

Identification checks and security screening is part of the traveling business.

"I think it's something we have to have in the time and the era that we live in it's a must so I do appreciate it," said Victor Lopez, Dallas/Fort Worth.

TSA expects more than 75,000 will go through screening this summer here at the Bismarck Airport. They say the busiest month, is July.

The Transportation Security Administration says the summer travel period starts Memorial Day weekend, and typically continues through Labor Day. They have tips to make traveling easier.

"Don't stuff your bag so that it's really hard for you to close it, and our officer to get a clear image of that on the X-RAY," said Lorie Dankers, North Dakota TSA Spokeswoman.

Lorie Dankers the North Dakota T-S-A Spokeswoman says it's also important to properly check prohibited carry-on items. Firearms, knives, cork screws with a blade, box cutters, baseball bats, and ammunition all need to be in checked baggage and stored properly.

"We don't want to have anybody have any type of item that could be a security risk," said Dankers.

Dankers says this year TSA has already discovered three firearms at the Bismarck Airport. People who choose to bring one to check-point could face a fine of up to $7,500.

TSA has resources online and on their TSA app for travelers who may have questions on security and carry-on luggage.