TGU School District celebrates America

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Granville N.D - TGU 8th grader Cheyanne Lunde says she's proud that she comes from a school district that takes pride in patriotism.

"It helps them realize what we have and what other kids don't and it would be better off if we could spread widely what patriotism is and more about the history and background of America" said Cheyanne.

Cheyenne joined her classmates at one of the school's family night events as they learned more about the American flag.

"We are very thrilled to have the Granville American Legion and the Minot Air Force Base Honor Guard joining us to teach us about flag etiquette and our students are singing patriotic songs" said Event Coordinator, Lisa Olson.

Olson says that it's important that these family nights are both fun and educational for everyone.

"An appreciation for living in our country, leading into the Thanksgiving holiday. Its a good time to just reflect on being a citizen in the U.S "said Olson.

Instilling an interest in our country and its history at a young age,
TGU school district will hold their next family night in the spring with an Olympic theme.