TGU School District 60 proposes $8.9 Million bond to fund school renovations

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TOWNER, N.D. - TGU School District 60 is proposing an 8.9 million dollar bond to fund renovations and improvements at schools in Granville and Towner.

Safe, comfortable and fed.

It's what TGU faculty and staff say they want for their students when they head to school.

But without a locked door system, as well as irregular heating and cooling systems., those standards aren't being met.

That's what school administrators say they want to improve on.

"First and foremost, is they are going to be able to be housed in buildings that are safe, secure and where our inner temperatures can be regulated" said TGU Granville Principal Tonya Hunskor.

Too hot, or too cold,these classrooms are never a balanced temperature.

And the sound alone can be distracting.

"From a district standpoint, and financially, what these new HVAC systems allow us is they really frees up a lot of our resources that we can invest in in other areas within our education systems" said TGU Superintendent Erik Sveet.

In Granville, students are constantly walking between two buildings. But if this proposal passes, students will be confined under one location, locked in, safe and comfortable.

"We will not have to be going in between two buildings when it is forty below, we will not have to worry about the temperatures in the classroom. We will be able to just focus on education and the tasks at hand," said Hunskor.

The renovations go beyond security and classroom temperatures, so Sveet's says it's important to look at the proposal closely before casting your vote.

"Make sure you get information. Understand what the issues are and go out and vote. Make sure that the school board and the school hears their opinions as well and take advantage of that opportunity," said Sveet.

Creating an educational setting for students, that will have long lasting effects on the TGU School System.

The vote will take place on Dec. 12. Voting locations will be at both TGU Granville and TGU Towner.
Polls open at 11 am and close that evening at 7.