TEAM COVERAGE: Clinton, Trump make final sprint

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NEW YORK (Gray DC) -- It’s the last full day of campaigning for the presidential candidates, and it's also one of the busiest. Monday is a whirlwind day of rallies and events.

It’s an all out race to the finish for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Voters in swing states are getting the most attention. The president, first lady, and vice president are even on the campaign trail.

Clinton and her biggest supporters are making stops in five states - Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida.

"Tomorrow is the election, but that is just the beginning. We have to heal this country. We have to bring people together, listen and respect each other," said Clinton at a rally in Pittsburgh.

The final push is not only happening in person. The Clinton camp is airing a one-minute campaign commercial in 11 swing states through Election Day.

Meanwhile, it's just as busy a schedule for Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running-mate, Mike Pence. Between the two of them, they're criss-crossing nearly all of the same battleground states.

Trump took the stage in Sarasota, Florida Monday morning.

“Florida is my second home, a state I love so much," Trump told supporters. "We’re doing very, very well in Pennsylvania. You watch what’s going to happen in Pennsylvania. The miners are going to come out, the workers are going to come out, the steel workers who lost their jobs are coming out.”

Trump and Pence will end the day together – with a primetime rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, followed by a late-night event in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Both Trump and Clinton are making the Big Apple their home for election night.

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